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Our Consignments to the Pitzer Ranch Fall Sale

September 5-6, 2014 - Ericson, Nebraska


Royal Red Quixote

red roan gelding


Dakota stands 15 hands and is medium made. He is a solid heel horse that you can also head on. He is very good in the box, has a nice corner and a good stop in the heeling. Scores good, rates well and handles a cow correctly in the heading. He was shown at AQHA shows earning 9 open heading points and 29.5 open heeling points. In the amateur, he earned 5.5 boxing and .5 reining points. He is very gentle and easy to ride and has a lot of handle.









Pac Man















For Sale at the Ranch

Bartenders Buysaround

2007 bay roan gelding

Set Em Up Bartender x Do Da Mans Sassy Can


Boomer stands 15.1 and is medium made. He is a nicely started head horse that has plenty of talent. He scores, rates and handles a cow good. He is not far from being ready to haul to the jackpots. He is good minded and will fit a lot of people with a little more time.


Bet He Holdem

2009 Bay Roan Gelding

High Style Holdem  by Bet On Me 498 (Smart Little Lena x Bet Yer Blue Boons) x Kahluas Rooster by Mr Galleo Del Cielo by Gallo Del Cielo

Chile stands 14.3 hands and is stout made. We have been heeling on him and he is also making a nice head horse. He really rides around good and has been started the right way. Chile is good minded and has a lot of talent. He also has plenty of stop to make a good calf horse. The only thing Chile needs is more time to mature and more runs.


Move The Chains

2009 Sorrel Gelding

Reys Dual Badger x Playboys Lexus by Freckles Playboy


Chains stands 15 hands and is medium made. He was started in the cutting pen and is pretty good there. We have been heeling on him and have hauled him to a few jackpots. He has a lot of talent as a big time heeling horse. Chains is also started in the heading and really wants to be a good one. He has more than average run and wants to be a fancy horse. He has a lot of sting and try.




video from 2013


Dobars Counthestars   

2003 AQHA Palomino Gelding.


High Call stands 15.2 and is medium made. He is a solid head horse that has been to the World Series Finals and many USTRC ropings. We have also used him at horse shows to turn steers for the heel horses. He fits from a 3 to a 6 roper and does his job every time. He is gentle and stays that way with time off. He's the kind that is hard to find and ready to win on.


Dakota Olena Drift


Nacho stands a little over 15 hands and is medium made. He is a really nice head horse that has been hauled to USTRC and World Series ropings. He is solid and has had money won on him. Nacho has above average run and a quick way of handling a cow. He will fit a 5 and up roper that wants a chance to win. He is gentle and a nice horse.


CC Peppy Sand


Dugie stands 15.2 and is medium made. He is a nice young head horse that has a lot of ability and has been to a few jackpots. Scores good, has good run and rate, handles a cow on his butt and has a good face. This horse is a nice horse that just needs more runs. He is gentle and has been used on the ranch.


Maximum Energy


Parks stands 15.1 and is medium made. One of the nicest young geldings I have had in a long time. He is a really nice head horse that scores great. He has a lot of rate and handles a cow however you want. He is started in the heeling but green there. Very gentle and has a lot of handle.




Quail Gun

2006 Bay Gelding

Sixes Pick x Miss Blue Quail

Sixes was raised on the 6666s ranch and bought as a yearling on the heritage sale. He is a very cool gelding that stands 15.1 and is med made. He is very broke with a lot of handle and tons of talent. You can rope either end on him and he will make a fancy horse when he is finished. There are not many around that have the ability and looks like this one. The hard to find kind.


Three Deck Skip

15.2 medium made gelding. He is the one that will teach you how to do it. A nice solid horse on both ends that fits from a number 5 down to the beginner. He will pack the kids or someone that has never roped and take care of them. He is old enough to know how but young enough to have a lot of use left. Lay him off for to two months and he will be the same.








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